There is no doubt that chandelier has been a center of attraction even when placed in shabby rooms of vintage houses. Since, early centuries chandeliers have been used to illuminate and décor homes and commercial hospitality places because of its elegant beauty. Even today, traditional chandeliers are popular because they look gorgeous. 

Gone are the days when huge chandeliers adorned only luxury homes as it was considered as the symbol of wealth. They were placed mainly in foyers, ball rooms and in living rooms where guests were invited for evening brunch parties. Then slowly as years passed by chandeliers were installed in every important room of the house. Now in modern times, you find them in most of the homes as they are available in varied sizes, shapes and cost. 

Sofary are one of the ruling online shops in light fixtures. The number of chandelier sales of theirs in a month speaks volumes about their popularity. Their living room traditional chandeliers are impressive and are in demand in the market. 

More about classical chandeliers installed in the living room: 

  • They are a mark of elegance. Thus, you find them hanging in many homes in the rooms where they usually welcome guests. 
  • This beautiful light fixtures are fixed in the most happening place of your home that is the living room. Yes, it is the place enjoyed by all members of the family and with guests.
  • Many living rooms do have high ceiling and even the room dimensions are vast. Hence, appropriately placed to hand the classic chandeliers like metals and crystal. 
  • Large living rooms have multiple moderate size vintage chandeliers replica of each other. That helps to spend romantic night lying on the mattress surrounded by the dazzling tiny light beams illuminated by the chandelier tiny bulbs or candles.
  • There is another kind of living room you will find in manors and in large farm houses. It is the living room rarely used except when guests are there at home. The owner of the house loves to install traditionally designed chandeliers having layers of trimmings dazzling brightly by the reflection of small incandescent bulbs falling on them. 
  • The best looking living rooms of vintage houses are mostly adorned with huge chandeliers hanging from the middle of the ceiling. They are usually made of bronze, copper or iron metals decorated with crystal beads. They hang like raindrops shining the chandelier’s candle light reflecting on them.

Traditional chandeliers are more popular has they are still signature mark of elegance and provide the homely look that is preferred by most of the home owners. In Sofary, you will find traditional chandeliers in affordable price.  Expert interior decorators prefer to hang vintage chandeliers with modern day’s chandeliers of geometrical shapes in living rooms. This mismatch décor technique helps the room to look trendy and homely without you making any added efforts to improve the décor. 

Enjoy your classic chandeliers in your living room that looks inviting and promote the feel of warmth and coziness.