Here’s who’s hiring as the economy reopens and jobless Americans go on the hunt

As states open up their economies, workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic and ensuing shutdowns are on the hunt again.

In May, the economy added 2.5 million jobs — surprising economists — while the unemployment rate fell to 13.3% from 14.7% in April. Still, 20.5 million people remain jobless, per the May jobs report from the Labor Department.

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The good news for job hunters: Not every sector is struggling and those who were recently laid off may be able to find work to meet the growing demand in certain industries. Some companies have such a need for workers that they are forgoing background checks and hiring qualified candidates on the spot.

Here’s where to look.

The economy added 2.5 million jobs in May and the unemployment rate dipped to 13.3%. (Credit: David Foster/Yahoo Finance)


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13 Industries Hiring More Now Than Ever Before

The Labor Department announced that the week ending April 11 saw an astonishing 5.25 million new jobless claims. In just four weeks, virtually all of the job creation since the Great Recession has been wiped out, and there have been 22 million new unemployment claims over the last month. That means the coronavirus pandemic has already more than doubled the job losses of the financial crisis.

While some people are capable of working from home, or have the savings that will allow them to wait out the worst of the crisis, many don’t have the financial resources to go without a paycheck. Others don’t have any reason to think they’ll be working again in the near future.

However, while many industries have been dealt a crushing blow, a handful of lucky ones are actually experiencing an explosion in demand. These businesses are working hard to hire thousands of new people

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