Vanessa “Kiki” Johanning is a combined-media folk artist who loves coloration and exceptional items.

The proprietor of VKJ Structure, she has filled her Sussex house with brilliant artwork, special furnishings and lots of bling.

But she doesn’t halt there. She also adorns her vehicle, her outfits and her 3-pound pet. So it’s no shock that her gardens are a riot of coloration and loaded with special items.

In the about 1-acre yard that surrounds the dwelling she shares with her partner, Bob, there’s a charcuterie tray stocked with almonds, hickory nuts, raspberries, crackers and sunflower seeds for her woodland mates large vibrant mushroom cutouts, classic teacups and tiny handmade doll dresses that cling on a clean line, classic quilts and brightly colored materials to cover furnishings, and glitter that accents all the pathways.