If you enjoy a good dessert there, you certainly like a whipped cream to go with it! Nowadays there are some mixes ready to make our lives easier, but if you are a root cook, you know that there is nothing better than making your own recipe from scratch. For some people, hitting the whipped cream point can be quite a challengeand it is precisely at these times that we appeal to the ready mix, right.

However, there are some rules on how to make whipped cream without error, from those perfect chefs. If you are starting to venture into the kitchen or want to learn how to make this delight, the Kitchen Guide will teach you how to make this recipe without many secrets. Following these steps, the result is sure. So, did you start learning how to make the whipped cream?

The ingredients

This is a very important step, be careful not to get lost in the list of ingredients: sugar and sour cream. Only! That’s right; these are the basic ingredients for you to make your whipped cream. Jokes aside, just pay attention to the type of cream you are going to use, it needs to be fresh or pasteurized and if you prefer, you can also use the cream instead, which is all right. Various cream whipping equipment such as N2O cream bulbs and cream dispensers can be purchased from https://powerwhip.com.au/.


For everything to go well in the process, it is very important that the fresh cream is very coldI said really cold. Even utensils at a lower temperature will also help you to reach the correct point faster. Then, it is free to leave the bowl, preferably metal, and the wire whisk in the refrigerator.

If you are one of our readers who live in a warm region, where the temperature is higher throughout the year, the trick is to have a bowl of ice water with ice under the container that you will prepare the whipped cream.

Beating the ingredients

Here is one of the main dilemmas of how to make whipped cream correctly: to beat it by hand or in an electric mixer? Well, if you do everything right, both can give you the desired result. But when you whip the whipped cream in your hand, it is much easier to feel the point to prevent your mixture from hitting too much and turning into butter. Remember to reserve a large container to beat the ingredients, as the mixture will double in size

Reaching the right point

To find out if you have already reached the point of your chatilly, just take a spatula with a little cream and observe: if it falls, beat some more. If the mixture doesn’t fall, you’ve reached the right point! For the bravest, try turning the bowl upside down, the cream will not fall out if you have beaten it enough.


The cream made with fresh cream or cream is valid for 2 days in the refrigeratorno freezer, okay? Did you make the whipped cream today, but will you only use it tomorrow? No problem, keep it in the refrigerator, in a container with a lid and use normally the next day.