Are you planning to get yourself a parquet but have no idea which one to choose? Maybe you want to install it by yourself but have no idea how to do that? Or, are you not even sure if you should get one at all? Continue reading, and we will answer your questions about parquet. Also, if you do not know where to find one, you can take a look at parquet products on  

Let‘s start with the fact that the best parquet choice would be the one made from oak. Mostly because it is a strong wood, so your parquet will be durable and long-lasting. Also, it is very resistant to all kinds of damages. So, you might need very little maintenance. The oak floorboards are perfect for the heated floor so if you have one, do not hesitate and buy it. Now, let’s talk about installation a little. When laid classically, the ends of the floorboards symmetrically come together. The indoor relative humidity should be about 45-60%. Do not forget to always search for a company that uses only the highest-quality materials. And be sure that this type of parquet is a great choice because it never goes out of trend.

So you should really choose an oak wood parquet because it is very resistible, durable, and long-lasting. Also, it never goes out of trends. Always be picky about the company you want to choose and make sure they use the highest-quality materials.