If you are thinking about installing solar power panels in your home, then consider it as your first step towards reduced monthly energy payments, or perhaps no energy payments at all. Solar panel installations help to reduce your overall dependency on external sources of energy, thus making it a worthwhile choice!

Key aspects that need to be considered before installing solar panels for home

Number of panels

The number of solar panels to be installed depends on the consumption of electricity. Such units are modular and hence you can add them in modules as per the wattage you require. Common home essentials like air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators require a lot of electricity. Thus, you can begin by generating solar electricity for your basic requirements and then slowly expand.

Space and orientation

Another crucial aspect to consider when installing solar panels is space and orientation. Make sure you have enough space on your terrace for solar panel construction. Also, there must be direct sunlight available with no buildings and trees obstructing rays from the sun.

Storage requirements

The third most crucial factor that should be taken into consideration is the storage capability at your home. There will be a requirement for batteries to store electricity. So, considering the requirements of stored electricity, you will need to buy the batteries. More storage you need, there will be more requirements for additional batteries.

Outsource or DIY

Before you begin with solar panel installation at your home, you will have to decide how you want to go about installing the solar panels. Though you will easily find many companies that sell and install them, however, you can also install such panels all by yourself. Of course, complete knowledge of the process is required to install solar panels with a DIY approach.

Whether you decide to hire a contractor to mount a solar installation for you or you want to save the money and do the work yourself, it’s all your choice!

Why is solar panel installation the best alternative solution to powering your home?

Reduce energy costs

Once you pay the initial cost of solar panel installation, the bulk of the expenses will come to an end. This is because you will receive free energy as a result of the sun shining on the surfaces. Your saving will prove exceptional if specifically, you live in an area with abundant sunshine. This means you will have abundant energy to utilize for your home’s heating, cooling, and other electrical needs. Further, it is also possible to run your home solely on solar power with no need to use the power from the power company.

In comparison to the previous electrical expenses, many houses have experienced about 50 % savings with solar panel installation.

Enhances Home Value

Installing solar panels for the home can significantly increase your home value. Adding this feature acts as a positive selling point if you plan to sell your house in the future. Moreover, solar panels come with an eco-friendly design that requires little maintenance with exceptional life expectancies. The manufacturers provide a warranty of between 25 and 30 years for these products along with an overall life expectancy of as long as 40 years.

Decrease carbon footprint

The carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere leads to global warming that further results in the erosion of shorelines, melting of glaciers, and endangerment of animals. Besides carbon dioxide emission, burning fossil fuels also emits toxins in the air, making it polluted. However, with solar power panels, there will be no carbon emissions as a result of generating electricity. Thus, a household can reduce the amount of carbon footprint by converting to solar-powered energy. Not only solar power installation meets your power needs, but also you and your family will be able to help the environment, cut down the energy usage, and save more money on utility bills.


Using solar-powered energy is more convenient than using electricity. Such systems are extremely easy to install and do not require wiring. With requiring low maintenance, solar panel installation helps save you both time and money in the long run. Furthermore, a home that is completely solar-powered will not be affected by power outages or rolling blackouts.

To places like mountain communities, where it is hard to bring traditional sources of energy, solar energy can bring power there as well.

Wrapping Up

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and best of all!

As the solar industry continues to expand, there are more jobs in the design, development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of the systems. Solar panel installation in your home not only supports the homeowners but also contributes to the ongoing need for the creation of new jobs.

Installing solar panels, although expensive at first, save money, reduce pollution, and increase everyday convenience.

If installing solar panels is on your to-do list, seek professional assistance to get access to the proper resources required to move forward with creating your energy independent home.