Importance of Garage Door Maintenance | Oregon Garage Door Installation &  Repair

Homeowners can get into the dilemma of either replacing a garage door or repairing it when a panel of their garage door becomes damaged.  Is it time to search for new garage door panels to replace the damaged one or call a garage door repair in Vancouver?

With the many ways that your garage door panels can be damaged like backing up too far or the normal wear and tear being exposed to harsh weather conditions, comes many ways you can repair that panel to get it looking as good as new again.  You can fix or replace the damaged panel without having to replace the whole garage door with a few useful tips.

Immediately Repair Your Garage Door Panel

If you don’t have the time or the skills to do the job, contact a garage door repair service in Vancouver because the longer the damage is left unrepaired, the more problems it will create in the future.

A dent on your garage door panel may seem cosmetic at the moment, but it will eventually put stress on the tracks as you open and close your garage door.  Sooner or later, the door can jump the tracks which is a more dangerous scenario.

Things to Consider for a Garage Door Repair in Vancouver

It may not be difficult to repair the damage on your garage door panel, but before you proceed, consider these as you try to reverse the damage:

  • The Age of Your Door

If your garage door is past its prime, it may not be worth replacing a panel.  If your door needs to be replaced in a year or two, get a replacement for the whole garage door prematurely rather than replacing just a panel.  You will be saving money this way.

However, if you had the door installed fairly recently and you have a simple dent, you can try some repair tricks like hammering the dent out or the aluminum foil, compressed air, and lighter trick.

If you can’t get the damage out yourself, you can talk to an installation engineer from a reputable garage door installation company near you in Vancouver.

  • Garage Door Repair Safety

If you plan to DIY repairing your damaged garage door panel, you need to make sure that you and your family are safe by unplugging the automatic garage door opener.  This is to ensure that no one can accidentally open the garage door while you are working on it.  Keep children and animals away from the vicinity while you are doing repairs.

  • The extent of damage

The functionality of other parts of your door may be compromised when your garage door panel gets damaged.  Have a professional from a garage door repair company in Vancouver assess the damage to make sure that it isn’t more extensive to necessitate the replacement of your entire garage door.

  • The availability of replacement panels

If you have a newer garage door, it wouldn’t be much of a problem to get replacement panels or sections available for your model of a garage door.  However, if your garage door is outdated, it might be difficult or much worse, there may not be existing replacement panels to match your garage door model.

  • The number of panels that are damaged

For a garage door panel to be cost-effective, it should only involve one to two-panel replacements only.  The cost of replacing more than two panels or sections may approach that of the cost of replacing the whole garage door.

  • The cost to repair or replace

The cost to repair your garage door panel depends on the hourly rate of a garage door repair serviceman in Vancouver.  Panel repairs can be one of the most expensive garage door repair services.

It will cost $250 to $700 or more for the installation of a new panel depending on the size and design of the panel.  Meanwhile, a garage door replacement will cost you about $1000, including labor and materials.

Check what is covered by your warranty, scout for price estimates, and decide which solution will be the most cost-effective for you.

When to call for a Garage Door Repair Expert

If the damage to your garage door panel is more severe that you can’t fix on your own, call for a garage door repair in Vancouver.  Their expertise in getting the damaged panel out and replaced will cost you money upfront but will save you from doubt, elbow grease, time, and errors in your repair that may result in more problems.