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4 Widespread Residence Lighting. Lights CONFIGURATION Strategies

Lights is just one of the indispensable factors at residence. Unique sorts of lamps have their very own

advantages and down sides. How quite a few varieties of lighting are there? How really should I decide on? Which lights is ideal for dwelling room? What are the precautions for indoor lights configuration? Permit us introduce 4 widespread types of lamps to you!

Ceiling lamp

a room filled with furniture and a fireplace: 家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

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家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

Ceiling lamp is generally applied in Hong Kong. The top rated of it rather flat. The lamp is immediately

put in on the ceiling, and the base is covered with a lampshade. The ceiling in Hong Kong

apartment is not higher commonly, all-around 2.4 and 2.8 meters. The shape of the ceiling lamp does not acquire up significantly area at residence, so it is incredibly acceptable for Hong Kong residences.

  • Strengths: The gentle bulb is not exposed. Very simple and stylish. Quick to set up
  • Down sides: Monotonous. Does not have numerous alterations.

Safety measures: The lampshade product should really be uniform with superior mild transmittance. Uneven lampshade will impact the brightness of the lamp.


a clock hanging from the ceiling: 家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

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家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

Chandeliers are also frequently seen in Hong Kong. The chandelier hangs from the ceiling and is closer to the flooring than the ceiling lamp. It is suitable for use in high ceiling place. The most affordable issue of the chandelier should really be at the very least 2.1 meters over the ground to minimize the strain on the room.

  • Advantages: Numerous models for the lampshade, supplying the room a ending touch.
  • Negatives: significant demands for area top.

Precautions: The chandelier in the living room is proposed not to exceed one tenth of the house. The chandelier for the eating desk is encouraged not to be larger sized than two-thirds of the brief facet of the dining table.

Wall lamp

家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

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家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

Wall lamp is a variety of auxiliary lighting that is set up on the wall. The wall lights are dim, and they are used as embellishment at household. Several people today set up wall lamps on balconies, in corridors, or bedsides.

  • Rewards: make an environment
  • Disadvantages: want to set up the wire outlet. High necessities for installation peak. If the set up level is much too higher, the gentle can not concentrate. If the set up is also small, it will impact our sight.

Precautions: Test irrespective of whether the house has a wire line for wall lights or an unbiased switch. If you have to have extra wire, this will increase the price. In addition, the regular top of the wall light-weight really should be marginally better than our head.


a room with a sink and a mirror: 家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

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家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

The highlight can be put in in the ceiling light-weight trough as a recessed light-weight or installed specifically on the uncovered light-weight rail or the ceiling. Spotlights are generally utilised to enhance community lights, emphasize the illuminated objects, and established off the atmosphere.

  • Positive aspects: tiny measurement, electrical power saving, freely alter the angle of the spotlights on the mild monitor.
  • Drawbacks: small irradiation selection. Simply cannot be irradiated at close vary. Accumulate a lot of warmth that can guide to risk.

Set up safety measures: The highlight can need to immediate to the wall due to the fact the mirrored gentle outcome is softer. If it is installed in a area wherever individuals often stay, the targeted light-weight will make people today really feel not comfortable.

Strategies for indoor lights configuration

1. Distribute the light-weight evenly: Properly distribute the situation of the lamps so that the lighting is as uniform as doable.

2. Prevent excessive direct lights: direct lights is the direct projection of mild on to objects. Oblique lights is the use of wall or ground reflections to develop a smooth atmosphere. Viewing the mild but not observing the mild bulb is the best lighting effect, which can steer clear of the glare induced by the direct light-weight of the eyes.

3. Keep away from lights on the glass area and mirror: adjust the mild angle to avoid glare on the reflective area these kinds of as glass and mirror.

4. Steer clear of flickering gentle: unstable mild resources can make people dizzy.


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