Australian plumbing is considered to be one of the very best across the globe. However, in some instances, water can be oversaturated with minerals and other substances that can damage fixtures around your home by coating them in rust. That is why it is important to acquire an expert plumber who does general plumbing and hot water and gas plumbing Sydney services.

Speaking of rust, rust stains on your toilet are possibly one of the most unsightly things you could have in your bathroom. No matter how clean you keep your bathroom, its cleanliness will always be in question if you have rust stains in your toilet. These stains create a reddish-brown ring around the inside of the toilet bowl, and they appear to be dripping down into the part leading down to the floor flange.

Apart from toilet bowls and toilet tanks, other fixtures are also susceptible to rust and rust stains. Furnaces and HVAC systems, water heaters, stoves, hot tubs, and fireplaces can also get tainted by rust stains. Gas plumbing in Sydney can help combat rust and rust stains, so you will be able to utilise your fixtures to their maximum capacities. Gas plumbers are highly skilled in what they do and are equipped with the best knowledge to do gas plumbing in Sydney, so you should set up an appointment with your local gas plumber to find the best plumbing system for your home.

How toilets develop rust stains

Rust can develop in both your toilet tank and toilet bowl, staining them a deep reddish colour. These rust stains are a result of the presence of excess iron in your water supply. When air combines with the iron particles in the water, they become oxidised and get coloured with a deep red to brown tint. Iron-rich water, unfortunately, fosters the perfect environment for a particular type of bacteria, which creates a slimy brown substance in your toilet bowl and toilet tank. They build up across the surfaces that the watercourses through, and this is how the rust stains are formed.

Another reason for rust stains is rusty pipes. If your home’s pipes have rust in them, your water will be tinged with rust. This will affect both your toilet tank and toilet bowl, as rust will eventually grow on your bathroom fixtures.

3 ways to remove rust stain from your toilet

1.Mix 1 part of vinegar with 1 part of water. Make sure both liquids are well-combined. Pour the mixture down the sides of the toilet bowl, making sure that you are soaking the rust-stained parts. Use a toilet brush to scrub the rust off, and your toilet bowl should look good as new.

2. Use 3 parts of baking soda and 1 part of vinegar to form a paste. Make sure you wait for the bubbles to subside before mixing the two substances. Rub the paste on the rust stains and scrub at them with a tough-bristled brush. Doing so will help restore your toilet to its original colour.

3. Use a few tablespoons of Borax for dusting around the inside of your toilet bowl. Scrub the bowl thoroughly with a tough-bristled brush to get rid of stains, dirt, and foul odours.

Doing these things and being aware of how rust stains are formed can help you combat rust and give your home the proper care. For the best results, book an appointment with a professional plumber who is skilled with gas plumbing in Sydney to assess your fixtures and help you get rid of rust in your home. Gas plumbing in Sydney is one of the very best in the world, so you can rest assured that you are always getting your money’s worth with top-quality service.